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Dear author,

What are the major contributors to a successful KDP Campaign? What work goes into us running a successful campaign for our clients? When you hire KDPCampaigns.com to do your book marketing, here’s what we do:

  1. A well written (& well distributed) press release. Here’s a list of sites that typically pick up the press releases we publish on your behalf. Between the news sites we’ll get you listed on & the sites that promote free Kindle books, the combined monthly traffic of all these sites exceeds 2 million views… that’s a lot of exposure!
  2. Advance notification to websites that will promote your free dates.
  3. Contacting Amazon reviewers who have reviewed titles similar to your book and readers that have expressed an interest in your genre.
  4. Reaching out to your direct & indirect contacts to request reviews (we often have better luck since we are viewed as an independent 3rd party). We also provide explicit instructions on how to download your Kindle book (whether or not they own a Kindle) and a link to point them directly to the page where they can post their review. We provide a tool to help you come up with more names than you probably thought you had.
  5. A social media push is optional, but recommended for the most effective campaign. If you want us to reach out via social media (Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn), we have additional options. Depending on your title, you can expect a 25-50% boost in total downloads as a result. We do hashtag/keyword research, write the tweets, and use URLs that allow us to monitor click-throughs.
  6. Post campaign ad placement. Keeping up the momentum. We strongly advice you wait on any advertising until after you’ve become a bestseller & have a least a dozen reviews posted. For an additional fee, we will run run ads on Facebook and Goodreads after your campaign is over. We can discuss this option at the conclusion of your campaign.

Included in our fee schedule is contacting a minimum of 25 reviewers (pulled from similar titles). If we find additional reviewers (who match your target reader profile), we’ll give you the option to add those reviewers for a nominal fee.

Keep in mind that although we do submit your title to free promotion sites, there is no guarantee that every site will feature your title. We’ve had consistently good results (because they know us and we provide all the information the need), but keep in mind many of these sites do maintain an editorial right on which titles they choose to showcase to their readers.

One final important disclaimer: While we will request reviewers read & review your book, there is no guarantee that they will, nor should you expect new reviews within days. You may see a few new reviews within the first few weeks, but it’s more typical to see the reviews appear much later – often 60-90 days after we run a campaign. This is due to the fact that reviewers have other books they are already reading and of course the time it takes to read your book. After they download the book, Amazon sends them a reminder within 30 days to review the book, and we’ll send them a reminder 45 days after the campaign has ended to remind them to review the book.

Client Testimonials

“I couldn’t be happier with the results of my December 2013 KDP marketing campaign as managed by Cynthia Bastian and Brian Schwartz of KDPCampaigns.com. My novel, The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke, had recently been published as an eBook (with Brian’s help) and I wanted to get the word out, so Cynthia helped me with a targeted press release and patiently kept in touch with me every minute (literally) until the final launch. Imagine how I felt as I watched online while 30 copies an hour were downloaded, on average, for four days, bringing my book to bestseller status in the Coming of Age and Women’s Literature category. Reviews are starting to come in on Amazon.com and Goodreads, as well as on numerous individual blogs. Cynthia and Brian will definitely be my choice for my next eBook (a memoir) and I give them my enthusiastic endorsement for their courtesy, follow-through, integrity and genuine support for nervous authors and our seemingly obsessive demands!!”
— Barbara Riddle, Ph.D. author, The Girl Pretending to Read Rilke, blogger, www.poodlesontheroof.blogspot.com


“Wow, we just ran my campaign and what a huge success. My book took #1 in 3 categories on Amazon, I ended up in top 100 on Kindle and we had over 8000+ downloads. This was the most awesome experience ever and no way I would have accomplished this without the expertise of Brian and his team. It was worth every penny.”
— Freda Mooncotch, Defying Age With Food: Reclaim Your Health, Energy & Vitality! It’s What You Eat, Not How Much You Exercise, www.DefyingAgeWithFood.com


“We were quite pleased with the results of our KDP campaign: achieving Amazon bestseller status in two categories! Brian and Cynthia are great to work with, very knowledgeable, patient and responsive. We can highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking greater visibility for a self-published book.”
— Deborah Pruitt, Group Alchemy: The Six Elements of Successful Collaboration, Groupalchemy.net


“Kudos and a strong recommendation for Brian Schwartz, Kindle expert extraordinaire! After listening to his webinar, I hired Brian to Kindleize my book. His expertise was excellent, using many ideas and tricks of the trade; a successful e-book is not just a word for word digitization of a print book. Then we engaged Brian to do a special PR/promotion on Amazon Kindle. The goal: to get the title high up on Amazon’s lists. Brian sent a press release to many e-zines and PR outlets, offering a free download of the book for a promo period of 5 days. It worked beautifully. If you’re an author, I strongly recommend Brian and his team to digitize and promote your book.”
— Elaina Zuker, Professional Speaker, Author of 7 Secrets of Influence


“It was a real pleasure working with Brian and Cynthia of ePubConversions.com. My book, Showtime at the Apollo, was a complicated one to digitize since it was written 30 years ago on a manual typewriter, and it has 150 photos interspersed throughout. They did a masterful job and created a beautiful ebook. They helped me structure and implement a KDP Select campaign that has yielded more free downloads than I thought possible, and worked with me to create a website and Facebook page. They accommodated all my requests and very patiently walked me through all aspects of a process that was totally alien to me. Five stars. Highly recommended!”
— Ted Fox, Huffington Post blogger, Author Showtime At The Apollo


“When I began publishing under direction of The Kindle Expert, Brian Schwartz and his assistant Cynthia Bastian, I had no idea how easy it would be. What a treat! Looking back on my experience I realize the pitfalls and potential publishing disasters I avoided with Brian’s counseling and direction. I look forward to more opportunities to work with The Kindle Expert. Five Stars!”
— Sandra Elizabeth Clinger, Author Sweep Away Your Thorny Childhood, Eight Steps to a Life of Well-Being

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