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KDP Campaigns by Kindle Expert

The majority (over 98%) of our KDP Campaigns have produced #1 Amazon Bestsellers! Every single campaign we’ve run has resulted in a top 5 slot within at least one category. The campaigns we run often see more than 5,000 downloads over a 5-day period.

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The best marketing investment you can make in yourself!

I firmly believe that dollar-for-dollar, you will not find a better marketing investment anywhere! There are 3 immediate benefits you can expect to receive from a successful KDP Campaign we run for you:

  1. You become a bona fide Amazon bestseller!
  2. You get a big boost in your overall visibility and ranking on (as your book is downloaded, it will be added to the profile of an Amazon customer. Amazon uses the data to recommend your book to others who have similar profiles).
  3. You will get more reviews for your book (honest, authentic reviews).


5-day Amazon KDP  Bestseller Campaign

  • The goal of a KDP campaign is to target book reviewers, major media outlets, and achieve bestsellers status in at least one category at some point during the 5-day campaign.
  • We will provide reviewers an incentive by offering a chance to win an eBook reader (nook) for responding to our request to read & review your book ($79 value)*.
  • We will publish an online press release announcing dates of free promotion with direct links to the Kindle listing on Amazon and Author’s website. Enhanced press release is targeted to The top 50 Newspapers in the USA as well as over 150 other media outlets (see full list at
  • A reviewer information page will be created on to increase the likelihood of reviews. (see examples at: and
  • Enable consecutive 5-day promotional period during the 90-day KDP Select duration.
  • Announcement of Author’s promotional period on no fewer than 100 websites and/or Facebook sites.
  • Take off-sale at Apple & BN (if necessary) and any other marketplaces.
  • Work with Author to create a list of no fewer than 15 keywords to be used in conjunction with the campaign (on press release and in keywords on Amazon).
  • Solicit reviews from a minimum of 25 established Amazon reviewers that have reviewed similar titles.

Also included at no additional charge:

  • The ‘7 Secrets’ book/ebook marketing strategy map ($17 value).
  • Over 3 hours of video tutorials on marketplace setup, optimization, and marketing ($67 value).
  • 3D thumbnail of author’s book to be used on press release.
  • Optimization of marketplace listing for your title (categories, keywords, subtitle, and description)

*Specific to your campaign only, one reader who downloads your book and registers will be selected to receive a brand new Nook device ($79 value).

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